Concorde Service Started on January 21, 1976

January 21st is the day when the supersonic passenger plane “Concorde” began operation.

Concorde was jointly developed by airlines such as “British Airways” and “Sud Aviation” that once existed in the United Kingdom and France.

It was in operation from January 21, 1976 to November 26, 2003.

A total of 20 machines were manufactured, including prototypes and mass-produced models.

Concorde was able to fly at Mach 2.2 at about twice the altitude of a regular airliner.

As of 2020, the “Boeing 747” flies in a jet stream in about 5 hours between New York and London.

But Concorde flies in less than 3 hours.

Demand gradually declined due to the crash that occurred on July 25, 2000 and the “September 11 attacks”, 2001, it was abolished on November 26, 2003.

Wikipedia: Concorde

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