Democratic Kampuchea Collapsed on January 7, 1979.

Democratic Kampuchea is a nation that existed in what is now the Kingdom of Cambodia from April 1975 to January 7, 1979.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a nation located in Southeast Asia.

Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east, the Kingdom of Thailand to the west, and the Gulf of Thailand to the south.

Kampuchea is also known as the “Pol Pot administration” or “Democratic Kampuchea.”

The 1973 Paris Agreement ended the Vietnam War.

This caused US troops to withdraw from Vietnam, but the Communist Party of Kampucia (Khmer Rouge) continued to struggle with government troops.

Democratic Kampuchea was born in April 1975 when a unit led by the Communist Party of Kampuchea conquered the capital Phnom Penh.

The country collapsed as a result of being defeated by Vietnam in the “Cambodia-Vietnam War” on January 7, 1979.

Wikipedia: Democratic Kampuchea

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