Louise Brown

Louise Brown, Test Tube Baby Was Born: July 25, 1978

July 23rd is the birthday of Louise Joy Brown, the English woman who is the world’s first test tube baby.

On this day of 1978, she was born as an IVF child at the Oldham General Hospital in England.

Her birth weight was normal, 5 pounds 12 ounces, which represented a great success in IVF technology.

It provided great potential for subsequent infertility treatments.

The in vitro fertilization technique using this test tube was completed by Robert Edwards, a professor at the University of Cambridge, and Patrick Steptoe, a gynecologist.

First, in vitro fertilization was performed with an egg collected from the mother, and after two and a half days, the fertilized egg was returned to the mother’s uterus.

Britannica: Louise Brown | Biography & Facts

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