Mafia's Day

Mafia’s Day?: March 30

March 30th is “Mafia’s Day”.

In 1282, Sicily was dominated by France.

On March 30, a riot broke out against such French barbarism.

This is called the “Sicilian Vespers”.

This day was the Monday after Easter.

A French soldier tried to seduce a woman, who had come to church.

The woman’s husband, who felt dangerous, attacked him and developed into a brawl.

As a result, the French corps was killed by civilians.

This was called the “Sicilian Vespers” because the Angelus was ringing in the midst of it.

The slogan of this riot is “Death to all French, this is the cry of Italy.”

This is “Morte alla Francia Italia anela” in French, and the acronyms are “mafia”.

Metropolitan Opera: I Vespri Siciliani

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