Republic Day of Turkey

Republic Day of Turkey: October 29th

October 29th is the Republic Day of Turkey.

Turkey was established on this day in 1923.

To commemorate it, this day was enacted as the anniversary in Turkey.

The Ottoman Empire (now Turkey) prospered around the 13th century, and became a huge empire with the entire territory of the current Azerbaijan, Morocco, Ukraine and Yemen around the 16th century.

Following the defeat in World War I in the 19th century, the Ottoman Empire began to lose power and headed for dismantling.

In response to the independence movement that took place in Anatolia, the Ottoman Empire ordered a Greek person named Mustafa Kemal to stop it.

However, on the contrary, he created an armed organization to carry out a resistance movement against the Ottoman Empire with the locals.

In this way, the Turkey was established, and Mustafa Kemal became the first president.

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