What Kind of Country is Vietnam? 1-Minute Commentary


  • Area
    About 330,000 km2
  • Capital
  • Population
    About 98 million people
  • Currency
    Dong (VND)
  • Land
    Located on the eastern side of the Indochina Peninsula, adjacent to China on the north side and Laos and Cambodia on the west side.
  • Citizen
    The Kin tribe accounts for about 80%, but there are many other ethnic minorities.
  • Religion
    Buddhism, Catholicism, Caodaism, etc.
  • Language
    Vietnamese etc.

Vietnam is famous for its spectacular views of Halong Bay and the cave of Phong Nha Keban.

Vietnam’s land is long from north to south and has different historical backgrounds and cultural attractions depending on the region.

Hoi An, the ancient capital that prospered in the 16th century, was an international trading city where trading ships from the Netherlands, Portugal, Japan and China came and went.

Buildings such as royal palaces, temples and museums scattered in Hue, the old capital of Vietnam’s last dynasty, are Vietnam’s first World Heritage Sites.

Currently, Vietnam has a total of eight World Heritage Sites.

Resorts have a good reputation these days, and beaches such as Danang and Nha Trang are especially popular.

By winning the Vietnam War in 1976, North and South Vietnam were unified.

Vietnam is a socialist country, but it has continued to develop rapidly due to the introduction of the market economy by the ”Doi Moi”.

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