Calcium Alone Doesn’t Strengthen Bones.

Do not blindly believe in the effects of calcium.

Increasing calcium intake does not prevent fractures.

Calcium intake alone cannot treat osteoporosis or strengthen bones.

Calcium is not the only nutrient needed to really strengthen bones.

・ Vitamin K
・ Vitamin A
・ Exposure to sunlight
・ Moderate exercise

Etc. are also required.

For example, there are many people with osteoporosis in the Inuit people of Alaska.

However, the Inuit are considered to be the most calcium-intensive people in the world.

On the other hand, in China, the number of patients with osteoporosis is small, even though they consume less calcium-rich dairy products than in developed countries.

This is because Chinese people get calcium, which is necessary for bones, mainly from vegetables, and at the same time, they also get vitamins.

Rather, if you consume too much animal protein, your bone density will decrease.

Animal proteins make blood acidic.

Alkaline calcium is then absorbed from the bones and teeth to neutralize it.

This work is called ”decalcification”.

Needless to say, if decalcification progresses too much, the bones become weak.

Calcium: Health Professional Fact Sheet

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