You Don’t Want to Do When You Are Told to Do.【Reactance】

When you are told “do it”, you don’t want to do it.

Do you know the psychological word “reactance”?

Reactance is a feeling that makes you want not to do it when you are told to do it.

This psychology occurs not only when someone tells you to do it, but also when you force yourself to do it.

Humans are extremely selfish creatures who do not want to do what they will do.

For example, many students actually play video games on the sofa while thinking that they have to do their homework at the desk.

Because his mind has a strong reactance to his homework.

In these cases, he should first move from the couch to the desk and play the game.

In this way, if you reduce the reactance little by little, your self-management ability will increase.

The reactance-conscious way of thinking is effective not only for others but also for yourself.

NCBI: Understanding Psychological Reactance